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3D Laproscopy Surgery

imgGynec laparoscopy is a way of surgery without making large incision (cut) laparoscope inserted through small incision at umbilicus (3-10 mm). Laparoscopy allows your health care provider to see the pelvic organs to treat. Other instruments are inserted through laparoscope or making another small 1 to 2 cuts on abdomen to treat pathology. We in motherhood women’s and child care hospital have been used laparoscopy surgery in 3d visualization which is most advanced all among and accurate. Through that we can perform all complex laparoscopic procedure like severe adhesion, endometriosis, or any other major surgery like hysterectomy, myomectomy and pelvic pathology, we can treat. So here we have advantage of lapro surgery for patient is small incision cut, small amount or nil blood loss, shorter duration of hospital stay, less anesthesia and same day discharged with early recovery day care surgery.

    We treat:

  • 3D Laproscopy
  • Fetal Monitoring